Frozen 2’s post-credits scene is a cute gag with creepy implications

The scene cuts to an unfinished shot of a crowd of Asgardians as someone new wanders up, calling for the Executioner to stay his blade. One of the Asgardians in the scene points Yondu in the right direction. This is correct. Ever since Nick Fury appeared in Tony Stark’s mansion eight years ago, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has exploded into a web of events that spans 13 movies and five TV series, with several more tales in the works. As Marvel fans count down to the release of “Doctor Strange,” here’s a running chronological timeline of all the major events in the MCU. Beware: All possible spoilers ahead! Sometime far in the past, the Celestial being known as Ego comes into existence. Over millennia, it learns to control matter and creates a planet, then creates a human-like version of itself to explore the universe in search of life. At the dawn of mankind, an alien race called the Kree arrived on Earth and gave certain humans genetic enhancements that would grant them special powers.

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With all the news lately about the Han Solo spinoff as it gears up to start production next month , it’s easy to forget that another new Star Wars movie is just around the corner. Both movies feature a protagonist with a secret past who dream of a better life and discover they are one with the Force. Yet it goes beyond that when you realize there’s also a droid delivering important information, a trio of lead characters, a mentor figure and a somewhat sympathetic villain in both movies.

A lot of deleted scenes have come out from The Force Awakens since its release more than a year ago. Some have given us more insight into the characters – like a recent one with General Leia Organa – while others have simply been fun extras. That’s where the previous clip ended, but the new one above reveals Plutt’s fate. For the most part, we’ve only seen the soft and cuddly side of Chewbacca, but there have been hints that Wookiees can and do get angry if they’re pushed to the limit.

The scene is just one more connection between the two movies, even though it never made it to the screen. It would have been a nice little nod to the original series, but in the end wasn’t really necessary to the overall story of The Force Awakens. For the most part, the scene simply returns Plutt to tie up loose ends by having him pay for harassing Rey all those years. Still, it’s interesting to see all these extra deleted scenes while we wait on the release of Episode VIII later this year.

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It’s the 20th anniversary of the release date of Now and Then, which hit theaters on October 20, Go on, we’ll give you a minute to reflect/feel.

During her time spent in Quantum exile, Janet gained special, matter-manipulating abilities, but how exactly did she pass the time? Sure, time and space move quite differently in the Quantum Realm, but a deleted scene from the sequel hints that Ms. Worlds upon worlds. Entire civilizations. Far more than we ever theorized. Suddenly, they’re stopped by some sort of imposing blob that issues a message that only Janet understand.

Speaking into a communicator, she responds, “Passing through, we stake no claim. We’ll need to stay tuned! Check it out at Sound off with your theories in the comments below! Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site. Skip to main content.

Stana Katic: Kate Beckett

Below you can check out the details of each of these editions, including the special features, deleted scenes, descriptions of special collections, and more. This interactive viewing experience will examine the entire film with such things as Focus Points, Picture-In-Picture, photo galleries and much more! Collectibles: page creatures photo book with rare images from years A Year 3 Lenticular Card.

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Outlaw King delivers us into the hands of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, and his tumultuous journey from noble lord to hunted outlaw and from political fence-sitter to hero king and military genius. Working in partnership with VisitScotland, I was set the challenge of visiting as many of the Outlaw King filming locations as I could in 2 days — with the movie pretty much entirely shot in Scotland.

With a huge digital following and a passionately engaged audience, it was another campaign to remember and without question one of my highlights of the year. King Edward I of England had seized on this weakness and indecisiveness north of the border to take the crown of Scotland in all but name. Crushing dissent with ruthless contempt, notably the resistance led by William Wallace in the final years of the s, his desire to keep Scotland under his thumb was crystal clear.

Astonishing victories at Stirling Bridge and daring raids into northern England gave him heroic status.

Turns Out, the Movie ‘Blank Check’ Was Actually Very Messed Up and Weird

How humble? Harold and Kumar faced long odds before they even tried going to White Castle. Hurwitz and Schlossberg had been putting Harold and Kumar into all of their screenplays before stumbling upon the burger run idea, which led them to put the characters front and center, but pitching that to studios was next to impossible. A lot of people read the script and just assumed they might be foreign exchange students, so you really had to emphasize that these guys were born in America.

It was a totally different world. Joining the Harold club.

Yet I shall try it some time, at least we can weep over it together”“Two years later the This example comes from the beginning of the seventh door scene, where the Measures at the top and bottom of the page had to be deleted to make the the calligraphic neatness of the first and fourth systems, which date from ,​.

Plenty of films have yet to make the hi-res journey to Blu-ray, but there are hundreds that never even made it to DVD. Empire has been digging, and we’ve exhumed these 25 movies never officially pressed onto a small, silver disc If you feel inclined, suggest your own lost treasures in the comments. The rules, then. Likewise, things that have been available but are now out of print do not make the cut.

We didn’t bother with Tales From the Quadead Zone , for example In between Thief and Manhunter, Michael Mann directed this dreamlike historical-horror oddity. During World War II, German soldiers unearth a dangerously powerful entity in a castle in Romania specifically pegged as a Golem in the film but not in F. Mysterious, sorcerous stranger Glaeken Trismegestus Scott Glenn arrives to save the day with a light show.

Author F. But incredibly, having skipped an entire technology, it is currently available on Netflix. A gothic portmanteau Western in which two strangers spin scary tales around a campfire. Like most anthology films, the individual stories are hit-and-miss.

Beauty And The Beast Deleted Scene Reveals Character Cut From The Movie

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This week, we’ve got reviews of Castle – The Complete Fourth Season and Nice to see four different deleted scenes from the season finale!

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Castle S5 Deleted Scene ‘Are We Dating?’