what’s better? dating a jock or a nerd?

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What are some good things about dating a nerdy guy?

Nerdy voice Mary Louise Oh my dear, I’ve been waiting for you ever so long to be my girlfriend! Us nerds are so damn awesome. And I need you baby, pushes glasses back Cuz you see I haven’t had much luck with the ladies but I think you’ll be the fine exception. Well, if you’re a nerdy girl like myself its hard to find someone compatibale to you and when you do find a nerdy guy its awesome.

You can share with each other your interests and do awesome nerdy things with each other, obviously.

However, (and I don’t mean to be conceited) I’m a pretty attractive person. People are always shocked when they realize how nerdy I am because I just don’t.

I’m super attracted to guys who appear smart. Like, presents themselves in an intelligent way, dresses nice and wears glasses. There is just something about them that really attracts me. A lot of my friends don’t agree that the guys I think are cute are attractive. Is it just me or does anyone else like smart looking guys?

I actually find nerdy guys VERY attractive I perfer scrawny loser guys over any other. I find it attractive too , so from my point of view its normal. I find intelligent guys a lot more attractive than the athletic types. It’s normal for you to think a man talking to you intellectually is intriguing and flattering, the guy I like likes nerdy girls and when I ask him why he says because they have a lot of guts to come out with long old fashion hair and glasses and a lunch box.

You are subconsciously wanting someone who you know is likely to succeed.

how can a nerd get a girl?

What if the guy is uncool shy, takes a lot of time to open up, a teeny-weeny bit “weird” etc but is actually very kind-hearted, gentle, caring and nice? I’m so happy you said nerdy instead of geeky. To me, a nerd is someone who is intelligent in at least one area, and enjoys learning, even strange things Nice :. For me, the guy would have to not be too exclusively math- or science-oriented, because I just wouldn’t have much in common with him, since I’m the arts-and-language type.

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My friends say dating a nerd would be terrible, but I don’t know. Maybe it could be alright. They probably are better at getting good jobs and maybe they would appreciate partners more? I don’t know, what do you think? NO joke, they’re witty. Im sure it would have its advantages. Some people have a stronger opinion of what a nerd really is.

Nerd doesn’t have to be the stereotype a guy only focuses on school among other nerd related topics. But girls can portray a guy as a nerd when he has not done much with women, doesn’t like to party or go to clubs. Not a social person in general. So it really depends on how far you look at it. Nerds can be just as good looking as party guys. They always appreciate their partners more, they’ll tend to be much nicer and much more ‘there for you.

I’m attracted to “Nerdy” looking guys. Is this normal?

It parodies the song ” Ridin’ ” by Chamillionaire and Krayzie Bone. The song both satirizes and celebrates nerd culture, as recited by the subject who cannot “roll with the gangstas ” because he is “just too white and nerdy “. The song was Yankovic’s first Billboard Hot top 10 hit and third top 40 hit, peaking at 9 after debuting at While Yankovic usually records his songs together with his band, the backing tracks for “White and Nerdy” were completely recorded by guitarist Jim West —who handled the synthesizer production—and Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz —who was tasked with recording the drums.

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Yes, guys do like nerdy girls, especially if they can actually fit in with the feminine I’m a guy & I don’t, I like the girls who are popular & outgoing, I consider nerds to shy I have a question for girls who were adopted – do you date older men?

I am a cheerleader and one of the most popular girls in the school but I am secretly dating a nerd who I love so much. I keep it a secret because if people found out I was dating a nerd it would ruin my reputation. So should I date this jock, he used to be a jerk to me but ever since I became a cheerleader he became a sweet heart and If I dated him we could be the most popular people in my school.

It is a real difficult situation because my nerdy boyfriend treats my like a queen but I can’t be seen with him. What should I do? That’s mean. It is mean that you would think a nerd would ruin your reputation and it is wrong that you would leave him for a jerk who was not thinking about you until you became a cheerleader.

I think you should do the math. This is so immature. If you love the nerd, then stay with him.

How do I keep ugly nerds from asking me out?

Okay so my boyfriend is a big nerd huge NERD. But I find its attractive. But I do: I think he’s the cutest But I have my Doubts about him loving me.

Every girl I know or see around, when I get to see their boyfriend i’m always shocked at how nerdy they look. This whole “girls like bad boys”.

I normally don’t use labels but there isn’t any other way to describe it. I normally date really smart dorky boys lol I just can’t help it so what do you think and other guys ask me out but I only say yes to “so called nerds” My friends think it is weird and don’t understand why I do it. Well, maybe you’re attracted to manners, intelligence, etc, those qualities of a nerd, or whatever label you wanna use. Well I think that it shows a certain level of maturity.

The reason you do it is probably because you feel that being smart is attractive. From a scientific standpoint that is entirely normal because you are instinctively attracted to qualities that make for a good provider. So don’t worry about what your friends think just tell them that they will figure it out sooner or later.

Can a Geeky nerd get a hot popular girlfriend?

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Definitely nerd. I like nerds, I would never date a non-nerd, and I don’t understand the appeal of jocks at all. Go for the nerd. They are likely to be kinder, smarter, and funnier than the jocks. And, 10 years from now, possibly more attractive, too! Jocks tend to let themselves go after their ‘prime’. Trending News. Loughlin sentenced to 2 months for college scandal.

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White & Nerdy

Sunday, October 09, Is it in the way she dresses, the things she says, the way she moves? How can you tell, even before venturing into the bedroom, that she is a freak between the sheets? True freaks keep their cards close to their chests. But it could come out in conversation.

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Of course. I am assuring you because i did and now were engaged and i am having a baby girl for him in three months. In the game of love and dating there is no such thing as the word impossible. I had braces and long brown hair that was always in a bun, i wore these big glasses that were so freaking round an after all even though there were these hot blonde cheerleaders all dieng to date him he was a football player He saw me at a party i had snuck into asked me out we started dating and after 4 years now he is a doctor and we are engaged, and having a baby.

Girl dreams do come true just do what i did. He talks too you, maybe he likes you. Good luck honey, and a thousand best wishes. Plus nerdy girls know how to treat a guy.

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